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F-427 SAMUEL R. DELANY The Einstein Intersection (cover and interior illustration by Jack Gaughan; 1967).#

M-147 ANDRE NORTON The Stars Are Ours! (cover by Ed Valigursky).#

A-016 ALEXEI PANSHIN Rite of Passage (cover by Leo and Diane Dillon; 1968).#

JACK GAUGHAN - The Escape Orbit by James White - 1965 Ace Books

ROY G. KRENKEL JR. - art for The Mastermind of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs - 1963 Ace Books

M-137 ROBERT P. MILLS (ed.) The Best from Fantasy and Science Fiction, Eleventh Series (cover by Bob Schinella; 1966; 1st ACE printing).#

ED EMSHWILLER - Big Planet by Jack Vance - 1967 Ace Books

S-133 DONALD A. WOLLHEIM (ed.) Adventures on Other Planets (cover by Ed Valigursky; nd; 1st ACE printing).#

F-406 RAY CUMMINGS Tama, Princess of Mercury (cover by Jerome Podwil; 1966; 1st ACE printing and PBO)

Ace Books - Thongor of Lemuria - Lin Carter