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Wonder and Mystery above the Very Large Telescopes Credit: Yuri Beletsky (ESO) To start, on the far left is a diagonal band of light known as zodiacal light, sunlight reflected off of dust orbiting in the inner Solar System. The bright white spot on the left, just above the horizon, is Venus, which also glows by reflected sunlight. Rising diagonally from the ground to the right of Venus is the band of our Milky Way Galaxy... (

Epsilon Crucis next to reflection nebula IRAS 12116-6001 The Incas tell that the god Ataguchu, in a fit of temper, kicked the Milky Way and a fragment flew off, forming the Small Magellanic Cloud where it landed on the sky, and leaving the black mark of the Coalsack behind.

Cosmic convergence! New Zealand's beloved Mt. Ruapehu and three galaxies (Milky Way, Large & Small Magellanic clouds) . It looks as if Mt. Ruapehu is erupting ... but it's really light reflected by the low clouds near the mountain. Photo taken June 23 by Manoj Kesavan (

The Whanganui River entrance at 6am 8 June 2016 by local photo firm named bottom left, with the Milky Way Galaxy, the 'small' Magellanic galaxy (top left), and the planet Mars with its reflection in the ocean (right of beacon).

Dwarves dwelling in the heavens In a number of mythologies the dwarves are small human-like beings who live under the ground and in the mountains. Featured in J.R.R Tolkeins writings of the 1930s and 1940s the dwarves are well known to humans elves and other races of beings of their worlds. Compilations of Norse literature from the 1300s AD contain discussions of the origins of these mythical creatures. Much older than that though are the dwarves that dwell in the heavens. The Small and…

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Thirst for answers, knowledge, redemption, LOVE and so many other needs wants and wishes. What do we thirst for to fill our SOUL. Reflect on Thirst <3 pic:A dwarf galaxy by NASA via Hubblesite