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la-luna-y-el-sol:   twins by Tereza Vlčková
When you realize your no One Direction But your more popular than most people! :)
.Helen Ann Windman Walker, the white negro girl, as exhibited at Burnell's Museum, 1866
Louis of Valois with his twin sisters Victoria and Joan. Joan died in the womb, Princess Victoria survived the birth, only to die a little more than a month later. Victoria of Valois and her twin sister Joan were the last children born to King Henry II of France and his wife, Catherine de' Medici. ♕ℛ.
Maria, Queen of Portugal and sister to Catherine of Aragon (fiset wife of Henry VIII). Maria was the third surviving daughter of Isabella of Castile and Ferdinand II of Aragon.
Christian and Sam are twin brother and sister at the age 15years old.they may have different powers,but are both very close to each other. Christian attends art club and works community service at a homeless shelter,her brother,Sam is an athlete for basketball and track.He's super fast and loves to work community service with his sister.
* * " Yoo wuz born before meez, so yer uglier."... the beautiful thing is that I have this ability to not think about something once I've made up my mind to forget it...
Never ever have I ever had my own room!