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Project Omote is a collaboration between Japanese media artist Nobumichi Asai, makeup artist Hiroto Kuwahara and French digital image engineer Paul Lacroix.

The Act Of Killing #OfficialTrailer is a complex and horrifying look at a world where the bad guys won, and had to live with themselves.

The Act of Killing - Documentary by Joshua Oppenheimer and Christine Cynn In this chilling and inventive documentary, executive produced by Errol Morris and Werner Herzog, the un.

Edge of tomorrow [videorecording] : live, die, repeat / Warner Bros. Pictures in association with Village Roadshow Pictures ; directed by Doug Liman ; written by Christopher McQuarrie, Jez Butterworth ; produced by Erwin Stoff ... and others. Based on "All You Need Is Kill."

Live Die Repeat: Edge of Tomorrow, Sci-Fi & Fantasy. I don't much care for Tom Cruise movies, but what happens to his character makes it worth watching.

The Other Guys - a hilarious movie! One of my faves.....gets funnier the more I see it

The Other Guys - a hilarious movie! One of my faves.gets funnier the more I see it

National Lampoon's vacation - summer road trip anyone?

Retro Cinema: National Lampoon's Vacation

National Lampoon's vacation - summer road trip anyone? All the National Lampoon vacation movies are just hilarious.

1980's:  George Michael (WHAM!) in a Cliff Huxtable (BILL COSBY) sweater...and double hoop earings, to boot.

I was completely obsessed with Wham and George Michael, and was convinced I would marry him one day!

You're Next - It wasn't a super scary film, per se, but it has one of the best heroines I've seen in awhile.

Lionsgate has released a brand new, chilling clip for the upcoming horror film You're Next.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre - One summer afternoon in rural Texas, five young friends hear reports of grave robbing and set out to check on a family grave. Soon after, one-by-one they wander into the murderous clutches of Leatherface.

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (1974)

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre is a 1974 American slasher film, directed and produced by Tobe Hooper, who cowrote it with Kim Henkel.