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La storia dei Soncino, famiglia di stampatori ebrei che operò in Italia dal 1483 al 1527 (storiadellastampa.unibo.it Italian)

Hamishah Humshei Torah (The five books of the Torah) (Berlin: Soncino Gesellschaft, 1933). The word Beresheet, which means, "In the beginning," opens the Book of Genesis. This decorated initial word is from the Hebrew Bible published by the Society of Jewish Bibliophiles in Germany, Soncino Gesellschaft, 1933 Library of Congress

The first complete Hebrew Bible, based on the Ben Asher text, was published by Joshua Solomon ben Israel Soncino in folio at the Soncino press in 1488.

Soncino - Yeosh 'a ben yisra 'el natan - Bibbia in ebraico - 1488 - la prima edizione completa in ebraico - Biblioteca Medicea Laurenziana - Firenze

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