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The Pesaro Mahzor, Soncino press, 16th century

The Soncinos, named for a town in Italy in which they were active, founded one of the most dynamic printing houses of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, establishing presses from Italy to Egypt and Turkey. In Italy in 1484, Joshua Solomon Soncino (d.1493) issued the first work from the press, Tractate Berakhot of the Babylonian Talmud.

Medieval festival in Soncino #italy #inLombardia - Instagram by sofiano1

Hamishah Humshei Torah (The five books of the Torah) (Berlin: Soncino Gesellschaft, 1933). The word Beresheet, which means, "In the beginning," opens the Book of Genesis. This decorated initial word is from the Hebrew Bible published by the Society of Jewish Bibliophiles in Germany, Soncino Gesellschaft, 1933 Library of Congress

Floersheim Haggadah, Germany, 15th century.

The Golden Haggadah, Spain, 14th century.