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Bears are my favorite animal. Majestic, mighty, and cute. :)

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These ultra-cute pictures are proof that dogs really are our best friends

Some of the best moments in life are shared with a dog...


Scott Stump

Amazing how under different circumstances these animals never would have met but now are best buds.!

Fur filled with color, un describable by man. Love is more than words. Softness I feel as the kisses upon my face have forever placed smoothness to my rough exterior, and I can feel my skin

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Newborn Animals Aren't Always Cute (but they get there eventually!)

"Cute Baby Polar Bear" Biological Literacy Test: This is not real. It does not look real. Your first reaction should be "fake" and your 2nd reaction upon ANY attempt at closer inspection should be "REALLY, REALLY, OBVIOUSLY FAKE." If the above conflicts with your reality: You are biologically illiterate. I've got some unicorns for sale you might be interested in...

We're currently driving 200 species to extinction every single day - nearly 1,000 times the "natural" or "background" rate according to biologists.

All Lives Matter * Your Daily Brain Vitamin v6.25.15 | I'm just going to say it out loud: I think zoos are cruel. Unless the animal has been injured and/or can't survive in the wild on its own somehow, why should we get to cage up a polar bear in Texas, for example? (*hint, this DBV can be applied to two legged animals too) | All Lives Matter | Motivational | Inspirational | Life | Love | Quotes | Words of Wisdom | Quote of the Day | DBV |

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Community Post: 25 Animals Who Are Totally BFFs

25 Animals that are BFFs - Animals love their friends as much as any human! These range from the unusual to the strange to the just plain cute.


Beauty & the Beasts: 20 Animals Who Love Flowers

Simplicity has been lost these days. Every 5 year old has replaced their beloved teddy bear with an iphone. It hurts my heart to see it.