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Awful Library Books
The Christmas Cookbook by Zella Boutell (1953)
Giggle Water cocktail guide,  1928. Eight years into Prohibition. (It also tells you how to make gin.)
1957 Ford Rotunda Christmas Book ~ The cover features an Edsel, along with other Ford Motor Company offerings. The Christmas book was given to children who visited the Ford Rotunda during the holidays and included stories, games, color-ins, riddles and puzzles with Ford cars prominently displayed. The books were illustrated by the noted artist of children's books, Richard Scarry ~
1935 Farmer's Wife Magazine Cover ~ Charles Twelvetrees
This Would B a Cute Cover 4 a Family Album of Holiday Treats 2 Give 2 Each Household - Holiday Treats - 1951
Cookery Classes At School ~ Great Cooking Is A True Science ~ Illustration From An Old Cookbook Or Schoolbook?
1883 St Nicholas Magazine When I was a small child in the early sixties, we used to have "St. Nicholas Day". All it was was that our parents would leave one toy on our living room mantel and say that St. Nicholas stopped by. I think it was in early December.Ah, memories.
Finland - vintage book cover design. Via Grain Edit.
Old Ideals Christmas Magazine 1950 Vol 7 No 6 Santa Art by George Hinke Vintage | eBay