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What does Google suggest? | Warped Factor - Daily features and news from the world of geek

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47 Funny Pictures You're Going To Love

Moi qui me rend compte que j'ai fait une connerie en placent mes mangas 😂

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Glossary Defines Phrases Every Book Nerd Should Know

Dog Ear: (v.) The folding of the page of a book in a triangular fashion to keep one's place. (n.) A sacrilegious violation and affront to the book and Book Nerd community at large; shame on you.

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18 Hilarious Images That Perfectly Capture Your Childhood as a Bookworm

My dream superpower. Hey, maybe I could write a story about this...

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19 Hilarious Pictures That Accurately Describe What It's Like To Finish A Book

*cough*All The Bright Places *sniffle* Harry Potter

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Take a BERRY Break (40 photos)

I'm glad I'm not the only one who least Peeta is as gorgeous in the movie as he is in the book! Thank you Josh Hutcherson :)


10 Memes About Beatrice "Tris" Prior That True Divergent Fans Will Appreciate

Divergent ~ Insurgent ~ Allegiant ~ Obsessed ~ Tris ~ Four ~

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This Library's Getting Desperate

For consignment and resale shops fed up with the weather, from Cold? Come shopping! You'll still be cold but you'll be fashionably cold.

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31 Jokes Only "Stranger Things" Fans Will Find Funny

I can't stop thinking about Eggos.

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Literally Just 21 Funny “Doctor Who” Tumblr Posts

When they knew how to build suspense better than Moffat. | Literally Just 21 Funny “Doctor Who” Tumblr Posts