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After writing about Dear Stranger Who is Also My Brother, many readers were kicked in the butt inspired to contact lost, secret or estranged relatives. So I'm continuing right on. Yeah, you heard me, I’ve got more.

Nigahiga- Ryan Higa- 2,000,000 subscribers!- If roses are red, and violets are blue, then what the h*ll is the color violet?"

Hey Girl, You look hot in that isolation gear.....No, really, you're sweating. Nurse humor. Nursing humor. Registered nurse funny. RN. Student Nurse. Ryan Gosling meme. Hey girl.

Hey girl, I'm glad you know CPR, cause you're taking my breath away. Nursing humor. Nurse funny. Registered Nurses. RN. Medical. CPR. Ryan Gosling hey girl meme. Fabulous RN.