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La Nación - Indispensable para decidir - Noticias del Paraguay y el mundo

from The Borderless Project

A Guide to the Delicious (and Underrated) Food of Paraguay

What To Eat in Paraguay, Our Guide to traditional Paraguayan Food

from Where Latin Meets Lagniappe

Mbeju (Paraguayan Cheese Pancake)

This traditional Paraguayan Mbeju recipe is a cheesy and delicious taste of Paraguay.

Jesuitic Ruins - Paraguay (World Heritage Site UNESCO 1993)

from Oddee

12 of the World's Most Fascinating Ruins

Jesuitical Ruins of Trinidad (Paraguay) Located about 25 km away from Encarnacion, on the route to Ciudad del Este, Paraguay, is one of the most interesting and suggestive ruins of the 8 missions in Paraguay.

Día de la independencia - Panteón de los Heroes El Día de la independencia in Paraguay is a national holiday celebrating their independence from Spain on May 14, 1811. Panteón de los Heroes commemorates those who died in famous battles in Paraguayan history and also the remains of many great heroes of Paraguay lie there

11.Paraguay,un pais agricolo y ganadero,donde el Chaco,un deserto casi desabidado,se extiende por gran parte de territorio Nacional