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A Guide to the Delicious (and Underrated) Food of Paraguay

12 of the World's Most Fascinating Ruins

Jesuitical Ruins of Trinidad (Paraguay) Located about 25 km away from Encarnacion, on the route to Ciudad del Este, Paraguay, is one of the most interesting and suggestive ruins of the 8 missions in Paraguay.


Asunción, Paraguay (Paraguay has such an interesting & scandalous history- of adventure, crime, & autocrats)

3. Paraguay culture is highly influenced by various European countries, particularly Spain, which are combined with indigenous culture. This cultural blend is seen in Paraguay's forms of arts, crafts, music, festivals, literature, cinema, fashion, languages.

Silk floss tree (chorisia speciosa). These trees have incredible pink flowers that cover them in the spring...glorious!

11.Paraguay,un pais agricolo y ganadero,donde el Chaco,un deserto casi desabidado,se extiende por gran parte de territorio Nacional

Panteon de los Heroes, Asunción, Paraguay. The National Pantheon of the Heroes is a landmark of Asunción, and a national monument of Paraguay. It was created in honor of the heroes of Paraguay who had fought in past wars. It also serves as a reminder that war is something that should be truly feared.