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24 Hair Products That Actually Work

Davines Stucco and Alchemic Conditioners. /

MELU Conditioner. This product is particularly indicated for long hair with a tendency to break: its innovative formulation guarantees total respect of the capillary structure, thanks to the selected ingredients it contains. Natural Active Ingredient: Apricot butter - hydrating and soothing. MELU Conditioner is a zero-impact, carbon-neutral product.

MELU Shampoo. Ideal for the cleansing of long or damaged hair. It is particularly indicated for long hair with a tendency to break, thanks to its active ingredients which respect the structure of long hair and strengthen it. Natural Active Ingredient: Spinach extract - anti-oxidant, remineralizing and strengthening properties. Melu Shampoo is a zero impact, carbon-neutral product.


Davines Nounou Pak

Davines Nounou Pak - -

Goldess is inspired by Aurora, the goddess of Roman mythology who brought the dawn. Aurora is a modern goddess in her complexity, poised between night and day, darkness and light, sleep and wakefulness, death and rebirth.

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Davines Saved My Hair From Myself

This story is about my undying love for Davines, the brand that has inspired everyone from my barista to my colleagues to ask me about my shiny, shiny hair. But before I sing the praises of yet another serum you should buy because it’s the best, I need to explain why it matters to me so much.

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10 Beauty Products Italian Girls Are Obsessed With

Love Curl Enhancing Conditioner, Davines $23

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5 Fast Ways To Make Your Beauty Routine More Green

Devoted to sustainability, Italian-based natural haircare line Davines formulates their delicious products relying strictly on energy from renewable sources. They package said shampoo and conditioner in food-grade plastic, which is simple to recycle and reuse.