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A delightful Thanksgiving counting rhyme in which a variety of farm animals help a turkey hide from the farmer who is looking for him.

Hiding the Turkeys for Thanksgiving!

Goofy Turkey. Students can disguise Tom Turkey in a home family project to hide him from the farmer for Thanksgiving

FREE! Have fun counting leaves and tickling turkeys to make them gobble in this fun, autumn-themed Smart Board game.

Students disguise their turkeys so they can hide from the hunters. Here are some really cute creations.

FREE rhyming pictures for creating your own Thanksgiving themed center activity

Tom is very afraid as Thanksgiving is getting near. He needs to find a way to hide from the farmer so he doesn't become Thanksgiving dinner. He decides that the best way to hide is to wear a disguise. It is up to your students to develop a disguise for Tom. -- Goes along great with the book Turkey Trouble by Wendi Silvano