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from The Huffington Post

Tony Blair Insists He Backs Ed Miliband '100%'

Tony Blair has insisted he is fully supportive of Ed Miliband and hopes h...

Lmao head canon SO SO SOOOO accepted! :D « agree 100% / PLEASE MAKE THIS REAL, IT WOULD BE AN AMAZING EPISODE.

The worst feeling ever is knowing you'll never get him. Or the idea of getting him just breaks your heart because when u loose him, its like loosing everything you've ever dreamed of and you can't help it but you hope and dream that he likes you back but ur to shy so u get ur friends to do the talking but he's also to shy and he's gonna lie by saying no or mabey that's the truth. But if he does like me, odd chance BC there are way prettier and less clumsy and just better than me.

Sooo true..never lie to me to protect me..I will find I just want you to be truthful an honest about EVERYTHING!!!! No lies an no secrets..I can handle it I'm a big girl..ily

from Terrell Family Fun

8 Must See Sights in Venice Italy

I’m Back! I have so many photos and thoughts to share with you from our European Vacation – that I don’t even know where to start. So instead of just dumping 100 photos into a post, I decided to give everyone a peek into our trip, as well as some travel tips for when YOU …