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SerenaMoon What Part Of Dont Kill Or Harm Did Yas Not Understand? Rescue an clean Up crews assembling Now. We ask ALL governments Including the UN to HELP Issue the Troop Recalls an End War Notices Immediately.!!.. Lets Unite and ChangeTheGame,, StartRightNOW

*singing* you are so beautiful to me. Good morning my love. i hope you're great.

WHO IS READY TO PARTY!?!?! *says into the mic* -selena

Selena Gomez on the set on "Come and Get it" that dress is FABULOUS

Year Without Rain - Selena Gomez

from Cambio

Come and Get It: Selena Gomez Memes

That's true but I am the friend with no one because my friends are best friends and they always hang out and exclude me. So, my life is boring and extremely lonely...