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The texture of this silky pleated fabric is just exquisite. The folds and creases make it appear to look like a painting when seen from afar.

artist-Marit Fujiwara uses stitch and fabric manipulation to build up textures with a marbled surface. Would be interesting to combine this with my other marbling experiments to create new textures

cool blog about modern embroidery and textile art what i like: differing pattern, texture, but all in the same color - maybe good for creating a ground

blanc | white | bianco | 白 | belyj | gwyn | color | texture | form |

Use of Fabric Manipulation to create colour contrast and textured patterns- Gigi…

Love these gorgeous examples of fabric manipulation - different types of smocking using soft folds to create repeating patterns and textures - creative sewing and #textiles ideas

Fabric Manipulation - innovative textiles design with bubbly textures; fabric treatment // Bart Hess

The point is: We are all in this together, but some are gifted one way and some another. Find where you fit, and stoke the flames of your effectiveness there. Grow in every area, but don’t paralyze yourself because you are not like someone else. God made you and means to use you — the unique you — in evangelism. — John Piper // Finally Alive {p. 187}