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8.25" LED Orb Roaring Dragon Figurine Fantasy Statue Figurine Figure Decor

Kelly Johnston - the line can be seen coming down from the top of the picture behind the pitcher, down over the statue and below

from eBay

Windstone editions "contusion #1" male dragon figurine; fantasy statue


plant woman - we have mannequin torsos in our boneyard at Mannequin for projects like this

“There is not some pre-destined pathway that you must travel, only the one that you choose.”

from Twitter

Black Venom on

Concept Art? This is cool but I dont know what it's from or for...

The Ruins of Old Nor. Nor was once a successful and large city. No one knows what happened to cause its citizens to abandon it. Centuries later, a small village was built farther south and named after the mysterious city.

From the legend of the giant who fell in love with the moon. He knelt and cried tears of joy at the very sight of her. Yet every morning they turned to bitter weeping that she had gone. So he climbed the highest mountain he could find so that he could watch her longer. For years he knelt and wept until the mountain, in despair over his grief, turned him into stone. Yet you can still see his flow of tears.

from Town & Country Magazine

10 Things You Need To Buy When You're In France

10 Things You Need to Buy When You're in France - #travel #traveltips #europe #france