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(2/2) domino's pizza turnaround. This ad builds customer's knowledge of the brand and what they have done, aims to inform its old and new consumers

Ikea 2 of 2: This execution is focused on knowledge by changing the brand image and attitude by building confidence in the brand. The ad itself is designed in a puzzle like way: mixed up and not properly organized. This speaks to how their furniture isn’t always the easiest to assemble (potentially deterring customers) and how their service can actually help you facilitate that process.

McDonalds: 2 of 2. Knowledge: change brand image. This ad serves to communicate to the audience that McDonald's is fun and products have variety. Although there are classic McDonald's goods, this ad conveys that McDonald's is vibrant and offers many different choices.

Dove 2 of 2: Choose Beautiful' Campaign, the communication objective is to enhance brand awareness, and make consumers aware of the brand image.