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Senario Kawaii Dark Skin Pink Hair Colorful Rag Doll Pink Yarn Hair HTF #kawaii #senario #ragdoll #blackkawaii
Disturbia X Dolls Kill Reform Top #disturbiaclothing disturbia white collar silver metal bone and chain charm metal alien goth occult grunge alternative punk
Blythe Doll... wow look at the hair, i love the dark skin tone and pale eyes!
Pinkie Pie and Rarity
#wattpad #fanfiction BLACK BUTLER X TOKYO GHOUL FANFICTION "I can see it." "See what." "The instinct in your eyes to kill." Hello I guess. My names Clementine. After a series of events I was left with no where to go. Not exactly abandoned but I felt like it in my heart. Walking along the dead and dark streets, not givi...