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Show your holiday spirit and share your ugly Christmas sweater with us!

vignette design: I'm Dreaming of a Tartan Christmas

Nike Sport Water Bottle (Perfect Pink/Black, One Size) Nike,

Oil Painting on Canvas Handpainted Modern Abstract Love P...

watermelon fruit cake | Photo: Watermelon Fruit Cake made with fruit and whipped coconut cream ...

Christmas Roller Skates hanging on the mailbox at the littlestonehouse

6 days left until Christmas! In Holland, Christmas is actually celebrated on the 5th of December. Instead of a stocking, children leave their shoe to fill, with some water or carrots for the horse St. Nicolas rides. Usually, they will also sing a song asking him for a present. The next morning, if they are lucky, something will be left in their shoe!

What a neat idea... to punch out an image and then slightly off-set it and add it on top. Wonderful!

Enjoy another Holiday fun fact, as we continue to count down the days until Christmas! The elves we know today belong to Santa and help make and get all the presents ready for delivery on Christmas. But do you Ever wonder where the idea of elves came from?