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If this is a natural rock anomaly, look at the rear of the shadow, as it has a curl, as though this anomaly has a tail like end to it. If this was old I would expect sand to build up around it and the apparent tail to have worn away. It appears recent and it appears deliberate in shape.

This is from the Mars rover. The bare rock is devoid of dust. The small pebbles are washed into the gaps between the rocks. The blue "mud" appears like the pebbles are stuck in a translucent solid, but coloured ice. Then at the top right hand side are the tracks from the rover as they show the crust of this iced mud.

While this anomaly will encourage people to suggest the image is of an animal bone, what is more of concern is the broken rock around it. The soil looks like it was recently disturbed, and the pale blue rock recently lifted from the soil that once covered it. Again this comes from the Mars rover.

The Mars Curiosity Rover shows the bare rocks have been washed by some kind of moisture. The fine dust and dirt and small stones have been washed to the top of the picture, and settled there. The apparency is that water did this, and it was very recent, as though after a recent "rain".

This anomaly is taken from Google Earth. What is intriguing is that it appears dug up. Though there is no spoil from any digging. At the end appears a round object. See the other photos.