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We have a strong mental image on what camera looks like, but no other every day appliance has so many appearances but camera

Penny houdt enorm veel van fotograferen. Ze een kunstschool in de toneelgroep waar ze foto's moet maken van een toneelstuk. Dit doet Penny heel graag maar ook in haar vrije tijd houdt ze van foto's maken. Penny weet heel veel van fotografie en heeft haar camera altijd bij.

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A Beginners Guide to Photography

You try hard, but your photos are never quite as crisp, clear, and colorful as everyone else's. Maybe you just need a few tips to set you on the path to successful photography. First of all, make sure that you have a decent camera. Do you need a camera strap? It saves you the awkwardness of having to hold the big, chunky camera even when you're not taking photos. How about a tripod for stability? Get the beginner's guide to photography from eBay and start taking better pictures.

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Leather camera strap

Kinda thin for my camera but I love the way that it attaches to the actual camera

The Essential Guide to Filters for Digital Cameras :: i have used filters on some jobs that i've done. before, i didn't think it made that much of a difference, but in the end, it does. on my SLR negative film camera, i keep a filter on it to protect my lens from scratching, dust, all that stuff!

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Vintage Super 8 Camera Braun Nizo Professional 800 P / 60's 70's Siver-Gray Vintage Camera with Original Bag and Accessories

Vintage Super 8 Camera Braun Nizo by TheCuriousCaseShop on Etsy

Photography. My fuel. From digital SLR to toy & film cameras. I love every bit of it. Exciting and beautiful. It makes the world a MUCH better place.

Rolleiflex 2.8D This camera makes my heart pitter patter. I WANT ONE SO BAD!

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Honorary Oscar winning director and cinematographer Jack Cardiff dies at 94

And wrapped at 5:15 had to sub out my class. Boo was a big class too 15+ Commercial will air on NBC Comedy channel etc!! And looks like they are keeping my speaking line!