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I hope it was Morality because our corner of the universe seems low on that right now...

Halo spaceships concept art science fiction 4 covenant wallpaper

A creature that could exist in the future. Speculative biology illustration by Rachel Caauwe, potential future beast, paleoillustration, alternate ecologies #fictional future beast

Alien Alligator , Tyler Smith on ArtStation at…

Halo 4 Art & Pictures, Covenant Needler

“Frilo”. Fictional animal by Raúl Ramos. About those red organisms being animals or plants: “I was thinking that they were some kind of animal that used small photosynthetic organisms in their tissues to make food and sustain themselves kinda like chorals on earth. unlike choral they can move around slowly. I thought it would be interesting if the whole ecosystem was supported by these kind of animals.” I think I’ll start adding pictures/concepts like this one to my

UnCONventional Gatherings: Steampunk, Science Fiction and Fantasy Conventions and Conferences that target Black People!