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Biggest, Tallest Tree Photo Ever

"The first ever seamless photograph of an entire redwood tree. Photographer Michael Nichols and National Geographic built a robotized rig with three cameras to capture this enormous 1,600 year old redwood tree in California. The final composite is stitched together from 84 photos." photo: Michael Nichols #PadreMedium

The old six shooter laser pistols hung there sad on the wall gathering dust. The owner was a block away drinkin' his worldy sorrows away. Even...

TOP 10 Differences Between the 5 Rhino Species

robot resurrect ROBOT (Driver,No Driver) 1.Install "Computer " IN (Car,Boat,Airplane) 2.Install "LOOP Energy" IN (Car,Boat,Airplane) 3.Install "Backup system" IN (Car,Boat,Airplane)

Refrigerator shopping in 1941.All images via Shorpy Archive/Juniper Gallery.Refrigerator shopping in 1941.All images via Shorpy Archive/Juniper Gallery.If you liked the old photos from the Detroit News Archivist post, you'll also dig Shorpy's offerings. Shorpy is an Alabama-based high-quality printer of gorgeous old photographs, from the Juniper Gallery's archives, of some...

Photographer Lee Jeffries has shown that it’s possible by taking very expressive portraits of people. But not just any kind of people; all of his models are homeless men, women and children that he has met in Europe and the United States.