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togainu no chi episode 1
My top 16 must-watch anime list. With short reviews.
This whole article is a good go-to when searching for a new anime to watch :) Darker Than Black | 28 Gateway Animes Guaranteed To Get You Hooked
9 categories of anime recommendations for everyone
Anime recommendation flowchart for beginners (and not only) by genre
Literally only posting for my own benefit. Press 0 if you want to add to the pile of neglected lists in your favourites. - Imgur
Sorry I can't I have too much anime to watch. It might be true, you might be a total Japan obsessed weeaboo and you might need to wear this anime shirt to declare both your lazy nerdiness and your desire to just watch anime forever until the world ends.
List of really good and mature anime I watched that I can't recommend enough in case if you have nothing to watch (part II)
And I'm waiting to do that after my exams. Then it's full time binge watching anime on my laptop :D
My "Worth to watch" anime list
Imgur user Lukeatlook created a flow chart to help recommend different types of anime series to other users. Take a look!
Wolf’s Rain | 28 Animes To Watch If You've Never Seen Anime- I grew up on anime. But a few of these I haven't heard of and I want to check out :) this list includes Attack on Titan which I disagree with. Attack on Titan is NOT a gateway anime REPEAT: ATTACK ON TITAN IS NOT A GATEWAY ANIME!! Unless you're a fan of the genre and have been watching for years, it will probably be too much for you
Just a few of my favorite anime series - 9GAG
Anime list yesss I need something like this