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100 Butterflies in 100 Days, Day 42, Medium: Color Pencil

Minka Bird (Australian) - Beautiful birds of paradise which terrorize other creatures in their dreams. Looking for too long upon these birds ruins beauty for the victim; they will find everything else ugly or dim colored, and in many cases this ends in suicide or extreme depression as they can't admire the stunning colors of the Minka Bird 24/7.

from Cowgirl Justice

Annie Fringed Faux Suede Wrap Skirt

- Soft and sassy fringed faux suede wrap skirt - Great neutral color - 100% polyester faux suede - Available in size Small, Medium, Large, XLarge

The coconut octopus, seen in tropical waters, uses coconuts shells and seashells for shelter. (photo: Mario Neumann)

this sitting room, original located on c deck and this inspired the parlour suite b-52 in the film, 'Titanic' this is a colorized photo

In this absolutely incredible image by Jónína Óskarsdóttir, we see an aurora spotted on March 8, 2012, shimmering over snow-covered mountains in Faskrudsfjordur, Iceland. Geomagnetic storms due to coronal mass ejections (CMEs) earlier in the week have increased in strength, and are now rated a G3 on a scale from G1 to G5.

Cicada coming out all new and pretty.