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Learn how to develop and refine your skills as a storyteller: what subtle details to highlight and how to use movement, light, colour and body language to connect with your audience during our editorial photography session. Photo by @gillianstevens

6 traits of shooting and blogging as storytelling

our brains are proper weird

"As you get older, you don't get wiser. You get irritable." - Doris Lessing / ♥ A Storytelling Face V

"If you never trained for video, here are a few basic tips from Regina McCombs, senior editor for visual news at Minnesota Public Radio and Poynter adjunct faculty. Part of a series of graphics with tips for storytellers, this infographic can be thought of as bite-sized inspiration" - Sara Quinn

How to Write Backstory but Not Bog Down your Book

How to explain your story without using backstory backstory. Backstory is everything that happens before the main action of your novel begins. While it can be an effective way to add meaning and depth to a novel, backstory can also slow down the narrative, and there are other approaches that can perform the same function as backstory without its drawbacks.