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Pretty Much

That is always how to act natural. <---My form at school did this. Someone yells 'ACT NATURAL' so we all put our hands straight in the air.


When I read Teenager Posts, I wonder if real teenagers feel this way or am I the only one and someone read mind without me knowing?

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Yes this is exactly true. I am the 9 year old who watched Hannah Montana, mean, yes it was a big decision who would she choose!

Omg exactly

Hahahahah I do all of them except the one and the last one.but I did the head nod thing! What about you guys?<---------I'm not number 12 either! And yes, I did the head nod


Teenager Post - That moment when you're laughing so hard and try to stop, but you look at the person and laugh again.

i should've used this when i tripped going up the stairs in school and the guy behind me was like "Oomph" so i stood up and looked him in the eye and said "That never happened" and ran up the rest of the stairs just to gracefully trip again...

not just for teenagers, past that time frame long ago but the earth is still rotating wrong