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Tony Duquette (American, 1914-1999), 'Symbolizing the Unity of Nations', 1990s; A turquoise, vaseline glass, carved amethyst, sugilite, brass and vermeil necklace with vintage 'frog' element, signed Tony Duquette. Sold for $7,076

Tony Duquette (American, 1914-1999), Representing Strength in Times of Difficult Challenges', 1990s. A blue sliced agate, paua shell, turquoise, lapis lazuli, glass bead and vermeil necklace with 'grasshopper' element, signed Tony Duquette. Sold for $6,710

Sixteen strands of old red Masai beads and white hearts envelop a lovely selection of Ethiopian shaman spears, Naga hair beads, oxbone beads from China, turquoise, and an iron and stone pendant that was part of a larger antique Dogon necklace. | Dorje Designs | SOLD

Tony Duquette (American, 1914-1999), 'Symbolizes the Depth of Learning That Will be Needed in the Future', 1990s. A glass, ceramic, fluorite and vermeil necklace with carved shell 'butterfly'

Tony Duquette (American, 1914-1999), 1990s. A coral, turquoise, silver metal and vermeil necklace, length 18 1/2in (47cm). Sold for $2,196

Necklaces | Helena Nelson-Reed. Contemporary Tibetan gau made from brass that…

Tony Duquette (American, 1914-1999), Symbolizes the Evolution of the Soul Through Growth Experience', 1990s. A carved turquoise, azurmalachite, glass and vermeil necklace

Tony Duquette (American, 1914-1999), 1990s. An amethyst, carved jade, malachite bead, rock crystal, abalone, sugilite, zircon, enameled glass and vermeil necklace