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this blog is where i catalog all the things that inspire me. i'm obsessed with paper, passionate about type, in love with photography, crazy about magazines and foolishly infatuated with good design and fashion.

I just LOVE this photo!!! What a cute idea for a newborn baby girl! Click here to download Download whole gallery amazing perspective Click here to download Download whole gallery Birthday Tutu Click here to download Download whole gallery

from Burnett's Boards - Daily Wedding Inspiration

bird of paradise: an indie wedding fashion shoot

Double exposure photo | Lara Hotz Photography for Hitched Magazine |

child,reflection,window,girl,photography,portrait-5a0ffc6aaf00f2db9866d5477482eda5_h | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

❀ Flower Maiden Fantasy ❀ beautiful photography of women and flowers -

Dent observes Bellamy: ". . .her eyes were light blue, set off by black eyelashes. Her skin was fair, and he was really coming to like that sprinkling of freckles across her nose and cheekbones. . ."

Backlit Photography 101: Secrets of Expressive Backlit Portraits

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