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Glenn gould (pianist)

Glenn Gould was a Canadian pianist who became one of the best-known and most celebrated classical pianists of the century. He was particularly renowned .

Glenn Gould (30 / 56)

colecciones: ““Glenn Gould - A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man. Photo by Jock Carroll, ” ”

Brilliant young Canadian pianist Glenn Gould laughing as engineers let him hear how his singing spoiled his recording of the Bach Goldberg Variations after which he offered to wear a gas mask to muffle his songs, at a Columbia recordling studio.  Location:	New York, NY, US  Date taken:	March 1956  Photographer:	Gordon Parks

Brilliant Young Canadian Pianist Glenn Gould Laughing at a Columbia Recording Studio

J.S. Bach - Variazioni Goldberg BWV 988 - YouTube

Canadian pianist Glenn Gould recorded Bach: The Goldberg Variations in at Columbia Records on Street Studios in New York City. The finished product received phenomenal praise and was among the best-selling classical music albums of its time.

first photograph of him I ever saw.

first photograph of him I ever saw.

Glenn Gould, photographed by Gordon Parks, March 1956

(love this guy) via the young rabbit Pianist Glenn Gould soaks his hands in the sink to limber up his fingers before performing; he starts with lukewarm water and gradually raises the temperature to hot. Photographed by Gordon Parks, March 1955

Glenn Gould

Pianist Glenn Gould: Klavierkunst in Schlachtschiffgrau

<3 My Great Grandma playing the piano and my little hand joining in...<3  -LizziePhotography

My Great Grandma playing the piano and my little hand joining -LizziePhotography