A few weeks back my church in Seattle featured Shoot The Skies project at a conference called Nights of Generosity! I did a short interview with them and they used some of my footage. Watch it, share it, whatever you want because I was extremely humbled and honored to be featured! The craziest part is that I got a standing ovation from a few thousand people after they played it and I may have teared up just a bit... :) https://vimeo.com/95034908

Almost $36,000 dollars raised and we still have 23 days for the remaining $9100 dollars! I’m so humbled and honored! Over the next 3 weeks please consider again or for the first time talking about, sharing, tweeting, or helping fund my very first photobook! You’re getting a year of my work and giving $28 dollars to abolish human trafficking to @Peg SHoemaker Campaign! This honorable mention photo is of the abandoned Bulgarian communist fortress Buzludzha. One of the coolest places I've ever…

107 of 365 04/17/2013 From Where I Stand I just couldn’t help myself with this #fromwhereistand. I almost didn’t post this photo, but I have been wanting to do more architecture photography and this sort of qualifies... 18th floor balcony, and no wind. Sorry Mom and people with fear of heights. This is 8 18mm photos stitched. Like on Facebook http://facebook.com/shoottheskies Shoot The Skies Post http://www.shoottheskies.com/post/48291510666/107

130 of 365 05/10/2013 The Florida Voyager The view from the top of the Saint Johns bridge is amazing, especially when huge oil riggers like the Florida Voyager show up. This is 10 vertical 18mm photos stitched. Like on Facebook http://facebook.com/shoottheskies Shoot The Skies Post http://www.shoottheskies.com/post/50382411461/130 Twitter http://twitter.com/shoottheskies

The Shoot The Skies book made the cover of The Chieftain newspaper. This is my first cover ever! Read the article at wallowa.com You only have a week left to buy a book, so make sure you don’t miss your chance to get a book to abolish human trafficking. buy a book http://igg.me/at/shoottheskies

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