Flamingo at Smithsonian's National Zoo

melodyandviolence: “ flamingos under snow by Smithsonian’s National Zoo ”

Rare Green Phase Flamingo by Jeff Wignall, via Flickr

Rare Green Phase Flamingo by Jeff Wignall. This was a joke by the photog. They don't come in green.

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Flamingo Facts: There are 19 bones in a flamingo’s long neck. It’s unusual beak and feathers are made of a tough substance called keratin. Did you know that the bend, halfway down the flamingo’s leg, is actually its ankle. - photo by Michael Doering

Flamingos.. except the way they smell!

Flamingo Photograph by Sarah Payman Shaw, My Shot Shot in the Galápagos Islands, a flamingo at a salt lake

Flamingo reflection

Flamingo Pink A Pink Flamingo preening its feathers at Birdland, Bourton on the water, The Cotswolds, England.


This flamingo kept spreading its wings and then retracting them.