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Дорога, смешение двух сред, пустыня, небо, облака

Use websites like Teachers Pay Teachers to find freebies like this 3-D shape printable. Students are engaged in the hands-on creation of 3-D shapes in this lesson.

Geometric Attribute War; Attributes of 3-D Figures

Geometric Attribute War; Attributes of 3-D Figures. Kids will love identifying 3-D geometric attributes (faces, edges, and vertices) with this fun spin on the classic War game. Students use Figure Cards showing the 3-D figures and Battle Cards showing which attribute they are counting (edges, vertices, or faces). $

23 useful things you can make with a 3-D printer

Another classic problem – this keeps all your toothpaste packed near the top of the tube.

these 3-d sidewalk drawings that are popping up everywhere (still haven't seen one in person though) seem a bit much, but i like this one because of its simplicity and the abbey road reference

You bid on each. SB: $20 MI: $2 AB: $ 50 AB 2: $ 75 - I draw your character in this outfit (using this base) (if you're low on money, we can talk about an installment plan) ~ Auction ends 3 d...