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People have bitched and moaned for years for an honest politician who isn't owned by special interests... Well here he is - Bernie Sanders

We can't have peace when corporate politicians put profits of fossil fuel and weapons industries first.... - Dr. Jill Stein

Election Fraud 2016. It Is Now Proven That Bernie WON This Primary & Is The Rightful Nominee. The Fact That The President & Our Government Is Doing NOTHING, Zero, Zip, Nada to address it is beyond me. The World Is Watching As America Loses Our Credibility & Integrity. SAD.

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"Conservative Christians -- Please move to the Middle East where your extreme fundamentalist ideologies will be welcomed and leave the progress to the rational ones left behind. Thank you and goodbye." --- I agree 100%. :) The best part is they will end up killing each other which is fine. Nobody would miss either, & the World will definitely be a better place. We can but hope. :D

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