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Engineers juggle objects with levitating sound waves

Scientists use ultrasound to levitate small objects and make water droplets float, move, and merge. Video of the toothpick at

enjoy life. Three ways to increase happiness. Basically, savor and be intentionally mindful. Eat smaller portions and be mindful while eating.

Big Black Delta-"'Side of the Road' was written during a violent period in my recent life. I saw and experienced some shit that could make one lose their humanistic values. I needed a floating song that reminded me of forgiveness and associated freedom," says Jonathan Bates. "Depending on the light, the song may swing between driving to calming. Depending on my mood, the song could swing between depressing to uplifting. I wasn't really aiming for a dichotomous message,but that's where it…

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Acoustic Levitation - Liquid Droplets Floating On Sound Waves In Midair - These drops of solution remain suspended for a long period of time, due to the vibrational force of sound waves that keep them stationary in an air column.

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A Rare Look at an Iridescent Cloud

what causes iridescent rainbow clouds

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This Giant Oil Rig Could Usher in a Radically Altered Arctic

Picture of giant oil drilling platform Goliat

I try to keep busy, but every time I have a spare moment I can feel my heart aching. It literally feels broken.