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Asylum: Inside the Haunting World of 19th-Century Mental Hospitals
Trans-Allegheny Lunatic #Asylum in Weston, West Virginia
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((Open Rp anybody? I need someone to be Drew. Credit to @EbonyFire)) I reach my hand into the small box of light cut into my door. I scream for Drew "Please! Help me, don't let them do this!!". I sob and get ready to give up. I suddenly feel a hand holding mine, I deep voice whispers into he cell "I'm right here, calm down, I'm getting you out"
Abandoned and Haunted Mental Institution: Why is it that every time someone on one of those "ghost hunter" shows actually hears/sees something, they completely freak out and want to leave? Isn't that why they were there in the first place?
My Dream Home since I was a child. :) (Photo by Andrew Ringler) Castle Hill farm, Ruggles, Ohio