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INFP Learning Style

INFP learning style: how INFPs acquire, memorize and recollect information.

INFP - sooo true, I have long list of things I want to learn and do but I get distracted between them because I want to LEARN ALL THE THINGS

INFP--Not all those who wander are lost. (LOTR, by a famous INFP, Tolkien) - (I tested out for INFJ but this sounds much like me as well)

INFP: (Idealist): The Healer

INFP Learning Style INFPs learn best by studying, reflecting, exchanging ideas and linking them to other ideas to form new patterns of under. This is why I hate school, especially math.

ISTJ "prefers their own world" me!

This is a major oversimplification of personality types but cinched the dominant "vibe" of each type nevertheless.< Define and reform the world.

In a crisis  I relate to ISTJ now. I always had that type of drive. I used to be an INTP, ENTP or INFP about it. I guess I realize it's about time to get shit done.

MBTI and stressful situations (INFJ: adrenaline rush or complete paralysis)

A happy life sounds so simple when you say it like that.

Little Things That Make Each Myers-Briggs Type Happy - INFP (except the warm hugs: seems like people who write this stuff forget how important personal space is to an INFP)

INFP WOMEN; Holy shit this is accurate

INFP WOMEN; Holy shit this is accurate