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The Purcell Sill shown here at Grinnell Glacier stands out in stark contrast as the black stripe in the middle of the strata.

Stirling Castle, Scotland I have been here several times. It is a beautiful and yet haunting castle with so much history attached to it. More

Weloganite (a rare carbonate mineral) cathedral-like cluster. Francon Quarry, Montréal, Québec, Canada. (strontium zirconium carbon sodium) Environment: Alkalic sill intruding an Ordovician limestone.

The Bugaboos - a spectacular area of glaciers and soaring granite spires in the interior of British Columbia, Canada.

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Wedding In The Raw

Crystal Collection :: Bohemian home décor :: peaceful :: earthy :: rustic :: free spirit :: Inspiration @aumandamen

צוק המפרש – רוסיה. צוק מוארך זה עומד על קו המים בים השחור ברוסיה. מידות הצוק יוצאות דופן – רוחבו הוא מטר אחד בלבד, אורכו 20 מטר ואילו גובהו 25 מטרים. צורתו מזכירה מפרש עצום ועל כן שמו

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Students create landforms maps using homemade clay: Mix together one 5-pound bag of flour with 5 canisters of salt, then add water until your dough reaches the desired consistency. Students can paint and label the landform maps when they are dry! (detailed step-by-step directions & pictures included in the blog post)

More igneous rock images to use for identifying your rock specimens