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A PAIR OF ROMAN GOLD AND GLASS EARRINGS CIRCA 2ND-3RD CENTURY A.D. Each with a shield framed by twisted wire, plain wire and beaded wire, with six granules around the perimeter, centered by a large granule, a granule above, joined to the long earwire, hooked below into a loop on, each suspending a loop above volutes and a length of twisted wire threaded through a blue glass bead

Earrings with garnets: This pair of gold earrings is perfectly preserved. With a curved barbell gold they could be confirmed in the ear. The rod is attached to a solid round plate on which a large oval shell is fixedly put in a notched setting. The garnet is flanked by two smaller bomblets. The use of ornamental stones in jewelry took in the Roman Empire expanded enormously. From distant areas such as India were precious stones imported. Date: 0-100 material: metal, gold, garnet

This collection of largely ethnographic jewelry includes examples from cultures in South America, North America, Europe, Asia, and Africa and dates from the Pre-Columbian period to the twentieth century