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How to Remove DRM from Kindle Books, Remove Kindle DRM ~ Generally, the Kindle Books you purchase can't make a backup or be read on other E-readers or computers. In addition, you are also unable to backup or archive your ebook files. If you delete this ebook, maybe you can't find it any more. This text will tell you how to read your Kindle Books or backup your Kindle Books on other devices.

Gnats/tiny flies - how to get rid of them in the house?! - Get a small cupcake sized bowl - Put 3-4 drops of liquid dish soap in it - Add 3/4 inch of vinegar (apple cider vinegar works best) - Stir it enough to get the dish soap to dissolve - Let sit for a couple of days and then dump it down the drain with the gnats

Short Stories & Kindle Unlimited: The good, the bad, and the whacko

Everything you could every want in a tablet! The Kindle Fire is super awesome for just about anything you could think of! | Kindle Fire HD 8.9″ 16 GB Review

MIT’s FingerReader Helps The Blind Read With A Swipe Of A Digit

MIT’s FingerReader Helps The Blind Read With A Swipe Of A Digit - Article and video on TechCrunch. At MIT’s Media Labs, researchers Roy Shilkrot, Jochen Huber and others are working on the “FingerReader,” a ring-like device that straps itself around your finger and reads printed text out loud

Train your child's brain ~ Web Activities that teach young children, download from Kim Komando's link

America: Imagine a World without Her:Is America a source of pride, as Americans have long held, or shame, as Progressives allege? Beneath an innocent exterior, are our lives complicit in a national project of theft, expropriation, oppression, and murder, or is America still the hope of the world? #bible prophecy

Life of the Party: Stories of a Perpetual Man-Child by Burt Kreischer was a good laugh, like people-watching at a frat house (which I've actually done). Get the audio book, which I'd read/performed by the author and contains a number of priceless asides and a mid-read pants removal. If you're into comedian books, then this is a must read.