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I realize i have that same crown pen :ooo lolz

READ--> so i will be doing this with my SU ocs Rhodolite and Azuramalachite so comment a number and letter and i'll draw them for you

This is a little picture walk through of how I draw anime/manga eyes. This is pretty easy in my opinion, I hope this helps you somehow. NO REPINS OR I WILL CUT YOU. Have a nice day~

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favd_writingwithcolor-January 07 2017 at 04:30PM

Stranger Things… God, I really, really fell in love with this show and i had to make a little drawing of it. Its story kept me on the edge of my chair on many occasions and the songs, costumes, places and characters they really make you travel in...

i love drawing girls -_-;; so here's some sketches i've done... some have been reposted !!