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Braća Orville i Wilbur Wright su 22.5.1906. godine patentirali pod šifrom svoj 'leteći stroj' u patentnom uredu SAD-a.

Dwight Eisenhower allegedly had an affair with his female driver while he was the supreme Allied commander during World War II. He's shown here at the wheel of his jeep in France

Today marks the anniversary of Victory in Europe Day, the celebration following the Nazi surrender during World War II. Dr. Keith Huxen of The National WWII Museum looks back at the events surrounding that day of victory.

A look at Hitler's long-serving military adjutant Friedrich Hossbach - seen as a major in 1934. He took the meeting notes during the secret Führer conference on November 5th, 1937, known as the "Hossbach Memorandum", detailing Hitler's future war aims (though this is the subject of some debate). The original copy of these minutes has been lost.

BRITISH FORCES MIDDLE EAST 1945-1947 (E 32164) A Lance Corporal of the Irish Fusiliers checks the belongings of a Jewish civilian at a roadblock on the main Jaffa highway outside Jerusalem. Checks were carried out to identify members of the Jewish terrorist organisation Irgun Zyai Leumi, who had on 29 December 1946 kidnapped and flogged a British major and three staff sergeants.