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So on my bed i have a sheet a starry blanket my big blanket my pink blanket my dad got me when i was 5 months my zebra print blanket 1 regular pillow pet unicorn 1 mini pillow pet unicorn a fat pink bear named Arnold my pink bear that I've had the day before i was born my dad my grandmas and my papas got it for me, 1 brown and blue rectangle pillow and on blue and brown can shape throw pillow i think I'll be a little cozy tonight

The equation for happiness…

Canned biscuits just became your new best friend in the kitchen. Skip making your own dough and use your favorite canned biscuit with these recipe hacks!

Omg just like your shoes emily

Ancient gingers…

be nice to nick

Restroom confusion


No words.

Random Fact about the Brain - kids will love this! Have them test the theory by writing different messages to each other