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Corner to corner crochet has been very popular recently, especially using it to crochet graphs. You use groups of double crochet worked diagonally in a stair step type pattern to create different pictures, changing colors as needed. This  Scandinavian Snowflake  pillow is a great way to try out corner to corner if you haven’t already because it only uses two colors. It is also a great addition to your Christmas Decor.

A Few Methods I’ve Learned On How To Speed Up Lightroom  I'll try to list these in the most popular order that I've seen people respond to.   Sharpen, Lens Profile Correction and Remove Noise Last This is the most processor intensive thing you'll be doing to your photos in Lightroom. Be sure to do it all last, because if you try to remove noise first, it has to do all those calculations every time you change any color slider. So just flip the switch off and save noise and sharpening for…

Wouldn't be a GRAND opening without a little 💄 in the mix. We talked @mo_lipstick in to selling her favorite lipsense colors at the store! Have you heard of/tried this magic stuff yet? It's life changing. She'll be here to answer questions + help you find the best color for you!

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9 Life-Changing Things To Try In November

Color Changing LED Lighting, an inexpensive lighting option that will completely transform your space. | 10 Life-Changing Things To Try In November

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Modern Babe Styles or The Latest 2016/17 Winter Fashion Trends

Winter is around the corner and I just can't wait to try my favorite outfits on. Dark shades are the new 2017 trend so let's start this winter with some vine nail designs, cool "vampy" make up and change your hair style to fresh naturally colors. Enjoy the list of my favorite winter outfits and adorable matte nail art, hairstyle and makeup styles.

The Chitwood Camino. Rodney Chitwood is a friend of mine. I was able to observe this build (eBay Barewood Guitar Kit) from start to finish. Changes from the kit design include choosing ebony plastic covers and pick guard from ivory. Clear top hat knobs were switched to smoke colored speed knobs. Over all, this first time guitar builder nailed this on the first try. Excellent work!

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It's Easy To Make Color Change Slime

It's Easy To Make Color Change Slime: Thermochromic pigments change colors according to temperature, so if you add them to slime, it will act like a slimy mood ring.

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22 Thermochromatic Products That Will Make You Believe In Magic