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Reclassification of NRAM and B resulted in cut in gilt sales as announced by DMO. Gilt sales reduced by 0.2 billion and reached at 164.2 billion for year 2012-13.

Crystal Nguyen, a former inmate at Valley State Prison seen with son Neiko Nguyen, said she worked in the prison infirmary. She said she often heard the medical staff ask repeat offenders to agree to be sterilized. "I was like, 'Oh my God, that's not right,' " Nguyen recalls. / Noah Berger For the Center for Investigative Reporting

AAA credit rating of UK can be affected after autumn statement which has increase taxes as earlier sessions and cut spending. Experts say that poor will be most affected after autumn budget implementation.

THEY WANT YOUR CHILDREN - Pedophiles want same rights as homosexuals :: Prophecy Dude, The End Times

Within the credit card sector, innovative technologies are changing the way people make purchases. To learn more about recent trends in the payments industry, check out today's blog post.

The American economy is dragging, with unemployment rates rising and consumer debt hitting 2.5 trillion dollars. Many people are in deep and need help. Here, a Certified Financial Planner explains the mathematics of debt; strategies to deal with credit card, mortgage, student, and other loans; why debt consolidation and taking loans from a 401(k) can lead to problems; truths about bankruptcy; and how to use debt while eliminating it.

What One Star Learned From Raising a Bipolar Son

My son was diagnosed with bipolar disorder as a young adult. In hindsight, there were indications that our son was battling the onset of bipolar disorder, and that we, as a family, lacked the mental health knowledge to identify his symptoms.