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Chardham is a collective name of Yamunotri, Gangotri, Sri Badrinath and Sri Kedarnath. Chardham falls in the region of Garhwal of Uttrakhand that is famous for their hilltop sceneries, mountains, lush green forests and forests rich of many fauna and flora. One most famous thing of Uttarakhand is their Rivers, which is worshipped by Hindus’ pilgrims owing to the importance of their mythological beliefs.

Helicopter flight is just not thrilling but sometimes it also offers the best way to get in religious destination taken as a hurry way to reach into the interior or beyond the access spots like nearby mountains, caves, lakes and seas. As we all know that Uttarakhand is a state of religious spots and this state has rich in their waterways surrounding sphere.

In a dense riverine forest near the point at which the #Talek River and #Mara River meet lies #Rekero Camp. This tranquil, luxurious base is positioned in the southern territory of #Kenya’s #wildlife rich Masai Mara Game Reserve which hosts huge numbers of #animals. This vast and diverse wilderness is just a 45 minute flight from #Nairobi.

Imagine that the trees glint in the sunlight. Faerie forest--highest concentration of magic anywhere on the island