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use drinks trolley for painting materials #TheArtsyCraftsy

t h e c h a r i t i e s were three goddesses of grace, beauty, adornment, joy, mirth, festivity, dance, and song. they were attendants of the goddesses aphrodite and hera, conceived as the goddesses who gave festive joy and enhanced the enjoyments of life by refinement and gentleness. gracefulness and beauty in social intercourse are therefore attributed to them. they were sometimes depicted in classical art with crowns of myrtle.

What to do and what NOT TO DO if you want to be Successful! -

Very Simple: If you Do This You`ll Be Successful! If you do That You`ll Be Unsuccesful!

a c o u s t i c d o n u t

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Hello! This is Haenuli, I am a fashion designer who owns a small brand and also an artist. My biggest hobby is drawing and doing creative stuff, but I didn't expect so many support with some of my drawings! Hope you like my drawings. When I visited the Paris Orsay museum, I saw many paintings but one old painting by Marianne Stoke (Young girl and the angel of death), that was Death-like; stood out to me.

How to Sew a Lined Zipper Pouch

How to Sew a Lined Zipper Pouch: This tutorial will show you step by step how to sew a lined zipper pouch. Zippers aren't scary! Click through for the full tutorial. |