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Anna May Wong and Buster Keaton

Scaragh when you reblogged this don’t think I didn’t see that tag that said ‘looking for sexy buster keaton gifs’. Because I did. And now this happens; Lesson = if you need Buster Keaton .gifs, ask the girl who is making an animated film based off him.

"A comedian does funny things. A good comedian does things funny." - Buster Keaton

from Can You Actually

13 Reasons Why Buster Keaton Was One Crazy Awesome Badass

Buster Keaton is regarded as one of the greatest stuntmen to every live. Not only was he a great stuntman, but an excellent director, actor and comedian. Before the likes of CGI or any advanced film technology for that matter, most actors did their owns stunts. Buster Keaton was no exception, many s…

A long list of uncomfortable things you're going to have to face in your career that will make you stronger.

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