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The 9 Episodes That Will Get You Hooked on The X-Files

Season 7, Episode 12 “X-Cops”: The X-Files and Cops crossover. Sounds bad, right? It’s not. It’s scary and cool and highlights the show at its most inventive. It also shows how resilient the Mulder/Scully dynamic is. Seven years in and Mulder is still coming up with a crazy theory, Scully is pointing out that it’s a crazy theory.. - The 9 Episodes That Will Get You Hooked on The X-Files | Vanity Fair

Alien UFO Sightings: More Nephilim Proof! Ancient Artifacts In Iraq Museum Depict Aliens? Anunnaki? Reptilians? (Video)

This is what the Egyptians saw…

Kemet not Egypt. Kemet means Black Land, the word Egypt is from the Greek language, we define our land and our selves just like the rest of the world.

Time travel will be invented in the year 2025. How do we know? Because that is the year that this delightful lady claimed to have traveled from. In the year 1898, according the contemporary reports, Alexandria Alexis appeared 'as if from nowhere' and took New York society by storm. Some fawned over her while others claimed she was insane. This debate was however rendered moot when, on New Year's Eve 1899, she simply disappeared...

They have no idea why this stegosaurus creature is on the wall of angkor wat... The initial design and construction of Angkor Wat took place in the first half of the 12th century... and the stegosaurus roamed the Earth around 165-195 million years ago..

This plate called 'The Lolladoff plate' is a 12,000 year old stone dish found in Nepal. It clearly shows a disk shaped UFO. There is also a figure on the disc looking remarkably similar to a Grey. (age debatable).

Ancient Alien Theory ~ Sumerian Tablette.. The winged disc in upper left of tablet depicts their home planet of Nibiru.