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Black-Homelands-in-SA - Today the ANC halved the money to the homelands, they are not fighting a war and foreign aid is coming in like there is no tomorrow, yet the treasury is empty?

LOL- Keep Calm, Go Zumnam Style, ZAPIRO. (I can see another protest coming...)

Resign, for the kids, Johann Rupert urges Zuma | City Press

Topic : Jim Willie fires both barrels on today’s program regarding the implosion of the Western banking system, the disappearance of large quantities of gold bars, a possible Chinese foreclosure of the U.S. Fed, the Saudi plan to end the U.S. Petro Dollar, and the Chinese-Russian timetable to unveil a gold-backed currency. Friday June 27, 2014 …

Dov Fedler presents South Africa's 'Game of Thrones'.

It was a classic circus, as much of a fairy tale 'election' as one might expect from oligarchical fascists backed by the most murderous empire in human history. Burning down offices of opposition p...